If you are interested in CBDS+ as a student ...

What is data science?

Simply, data science is the process of using data to answer interesting questions. More specifically, throughout the course, we define data science to be:

the process of formulating a quantitative question that can be answered with data, collecting and cleaning the data, analyzing the data, and communicating the answer to the question to a relevant audience.

See Jeff’s post about Data Science for more information

What do I need to start CBDS?

The classes only require access to a computer and an internet connection. If you don’t access to these, both are often available at a local library. And, you will have to want to learn. Most of the courses are self-guided and require you to push yourself to complete them.

Can I join CBDS+?

Unfortunately, CBDS+ is only available in Baltimore, MD and there is no open enrollment for the program. We are hoping to expand the program nationally. However, CBDS is available for anyone interested in learning data science at no cost.

However, if you live in Baltimore and are interested in CBDS+, you can contact us and we will be able to help you with how you can proceed with your application for the program.

What is the cost of CBDS?

There is a minimum price for each courses on Leanpub but you can pay as much as you want after that price. All the profits from enrolling in the courses go to sponsor the CBDS+ program we run in Baltimore. The purpose of the CBDS+ program is to make data science education more accessible for those who may not have the means to go to college. If you can’t afford to purchase the courses, there is a complimentary coupon for each course (and for the entire course set) that allows you to take the courses for free. You can find the link to the coupon in the course description page on Leanpub.

How long will it take to complete CBDS?

The program is made up of 11 courses. The advantage of the program is that you can take the classes at your pace and order. The suggested order of the classes is provided here .

Do I need a college degree to join?

No! The only requirements that you need are a standard high school background in mathematics (such as algebra) and the ability to use a computer. Our classes require an internet connection, which is usually available at a local library if you do not have one at home.

Do I need to know how to code?

No. These courses will teach you the skills you need to know to be an effective data scientist.

How do I take the classes online outside of CBDS+?

All classes are launched on the Leanpub platform. You can find the courses here .

What skills will I learn?

The coursework will start with the basics of using Google’s web browser (Google Chrome) and Google Products (such as Google Docs and Google Sheets). The coursework will then move to learning how to program in the statistical language R and using software such as Markdown, RStudio, and GitHub. Throughout this program you will learn how to work with data, the basics of data analysis and machine learning, and how to visualize data. You will learn how to carry out projects from start to finish and design your own website. We also have courses on soft skills such as communication skills and how to get a job in data science.

What do I get upon completion of the online courses?

Upon completion of each course in the program, you will get a certificate for each Johns Hopkins online class from Leanpub.

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