If you are an employer and interested in hiring our CBDS+ learners ...

Successful business leaders rely on data to make decisions. While businees used to collect data manually and the data came in small sizes, nowadays, most business have to work with rows upon rows of data to infer business decision. This is why we think whether you are a small firm or an international company you need to hire data scientists to do the job for you.

How can data analytics be used in your firm?

Data can help you find new customers, improve customer experience, better manage your marketing programs, track social media interactions, increase customer retention, and predict sales.

Why you should hire CBDS+ graduates as data scientists?

The CBDS+ curriculum emphasizes on various aspects of data science. Our graduates learn how to:

1. Pull structured and unstructured data from various types of sources (SQL/flat files/web APIs)

2. Clean and tidy data using tidyverse in the programming language R and deliver the resulting data as a database or a flat-file format.

3. Perform regression modeling, prediction and validation

4. Create meaningful data visualizations and develop custom visualizations using interactive tools such as plotly

5. Develop and deploy prototype data web app on Shiny servers and report results in Rmd format through Github/Basecamp

We partner with companies who need to fill data science roles to place our graduates in data science jobs. If you are looking for data scientists consider becoming a CBDS hiring partner.

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