If you are an educator and interested in using CBDS curriculum in your classroom ...

How can I use CBDS for my class?

CBDS program is entirely online and students can take it for free or pay-what-you-want. Students get a certificate for each CBDS online class from Leanpub. There are currently 12 courses that are offered in the Chromebook Data Science Curriculum. Courses can be assigned as homeworks and therefore the teacher can flip the classroom and use the class time to work on projects and answering questions. However, the instructor can also use the class time to have students take the courses depending on tastes and school resources. Below you can find a link to the instructor resources and activities that you can use for your class.

If you like to consult with us as to how you can use CBDS curriculum in your classroom, your school, or your school district, don't hesitate to contact us.

What are the resources available to educators?

We provide additional resources to educators who use Cloud-Based Data Science MOOCs as part of their curriculum for teaching data science. You can find the link to the resources below.

How can I contribute to the instructor resources?

If you would like to contribute to the instructor resources, please contact us here.

Click here to access our instructor resources!