Cloud-Based Data Science

Cloud-Based Data Science (CBDS) consists of two parts. One, a set of pay-what-you-want (including free!) massive open online courses that can be completed on any computer with a web browser and an internet connection.

Two, Cloud-Based Data Science Plus (CBDS+) is a no-cost, paid 14-week educational initiative for young-adult, high school and GED-graduates in Baltimore City. Offered by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in partnership with the Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition and Leanpub, CBDS+ aims to equip members of surrounding communities with the necessary skills and support required to work in the booming field of data science.

We aim to equip individuals from underserved populations with the necessary skills and support required to work in the field of data science. A portion of anything you pay for the online courses supports the CBDS+ program.

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Our Partners

Our Approach

We minimize computer costs We have developed an online program that lets students do data science using only a web browser and inexpensive computers like Chromebooks.

Free Courses Our CBDS program is entirely online and you can take it for free. You can take the classes any time and at your own pace. You get a certificate for each CBDS online class from Leanpub.

Learn anywhere Data science work can be done from anywhere there is an Internet connection and so can the CBDS program.

Finding Jobs Our program covers soft skills you need to get data science jobs, including how to network and get your name out there. We are also interested in working with partner companies who need to fill data science roles to place our graduates in remote and local data science jobs. (If you are looking for data scientists consider becoming a CBDS hiring partner).

Our Curriculum

Our 11 courses cover topics such as Google and the Cloud, Organizing Data Science Projects, Version Control, R, Data Tidying, Data Viz, Data Analysis, Written and Oral Communication in Data Science, and Getting a Job in Data Science

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Our Team

Jeff Leek is the Director of the CBDS+ program. He is also a professor of biostatistics and the co-director of the Data Science Lab at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Jeff Leek
Ashley K.G. Johnson is the Program Administrator for CBDS+. She facilitates tutoring for program participants and manages both recruitment efforts and the development of corporate and non-profit partnerships.
Ashley Johnson
Aboozar Hadavand is the Curriculum Lead for CBDS. He is also a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He has previously taught at Barnard College and Brooklyn College.
Aboozar Hadavand
Shannon Ellis is the Curriculum Lead and part of our Technology Development team at CBDS. She is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, San Diego.
Shannon Ellis
Simone Sawyer is the Scholar Advocate for CBDS+. She serves as a case manager and professional development coach for current and alumni scholars. By ensuring scholars are connected to wrap-around services and work-place tips, it is the hope that they will succeed both personally and professionally in the data science field.
Simone Sawyer
Sean Kross is part of our Technology Development team at CBDS and is a PhD student in Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, San Diego.
Sean Kross
John Muschelli leads our Technology Development team. He is an Assistant Scientist at the Department of Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University.
John Muschelli